Third decan aquarius compatibility

Gemini Third Decan - Mental Man of Saturn

Anyway you touch those buns is blissful to the Virgo-Virgo.

I agree with my decan reading. I actually find the first decan Virgos to be the more popular bunch than the other decans. I know three women in real life who belong to each decan. I find her to be nice and caring. A tad bit shy but a good friend to have.

A no-nonsense person who is dedicated to her work. Honest and responsible. A messy person. Also very inconsiderate towards others and her surroundings. Dec 26, 5. Dec 26, 6. Thanks x 2 Hugs! Dec 26, 7. I have a Sagittarius-Leo Decan. With Jupiter as Sagittarius-Leo dominant ruler, they are ever the explorer, wanderer, and adventurer. Leo shadings have instilled within them a love for noble pursuits. In love, Sagittarius-Leo is passionate and impulsive. Those best suited for the Sagittarius-Leo are often those who can weave a magical spell around them, after first lulling them into letting their guard down.

Sagittarius-Leo is big hearted, extremely thoughtful and quite giving. Sagittarius-Leo is drawn to magical and ecstatic experiences, not only in their personal lives but also in their careers. Gifted with intuition and insight, they have a deep meaning. They enjoy travel and meeting new people, for they want to widen their experiences. They have a refined and elegant nature that responds to art and beauty.

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Erogenous Zone : Sagittarius-Leo will melt in your hands with a duel action of soft words from the heart and massaging of the scalp. Dec 26, 8. Second decan Cancer-Scorpio. I adore Scorpios. Makes sense to me. Dec 26, 9. First Decan Leo August 1. I absolutely agree with the traits written. My husband is First Decan Aries March 25th.

His written traits are strangely accurate as well and we get along very well. Dec 26, Being the completion of the zodiac wheel, the point at which the whole circle starts over again into Aries and pick up even more driving force. Enormously receptive to their environment, they store impressions in their subconscious and then produce them at the opportune time.

Love motivates many of Pisces-Scorpiodecisions.

The Aquarius Woman: Love, Sex, Friendship, Style

Pisces-Scorpio are finely attuned to the wants and needs of others. Those best suited for Pisces-Scorpio is someone who can make the Pisces-Scorpio feel that they count that they matter. Comfort loving, Pisces-Scorpio know how to make life pleasant for themselves and for others. Often visionary in thought, Pisces-Scorpio has an intensely practical side and often well-developed technical or scientific skills. It is important to them to take an active hand in whatever is going on around them and to help other people.

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To an unusual degree, however, their lives are ruled by fate and at a certain point, perhaps between the ages of twenty-eight and forty-two, a call will come to them in the form of a great challenge. Erogenous Zone: Pisces rules the feet and Scorpio rules the sexual organs, so you can bet those toes start to curl during the most intimate moments. I am in the Gemini Decan of Aqua, and I think it's accurate. I can usually tell if another Aqua is in my decan or not. The valentines babies really do remind you of Libras or water signs. The Aqua Aqua decans remind of of caps or another earth sign.

Gemini 2nd Decan gemini-Libra I mean i Guess It's so me I feel vindicated in the confirmation that I'm one of the most balanced of Scorps and acknowledging how fate the Universe meddles with my life path. Last edited: Dec 26, Thanks x 2. Even more incredible, and possibly what sets them apart from the rest, is their ingenuity and well-developed imagination.

Decanates/Decans of Aquarius (TIMESTAMPED IN DESCRIPTION BOX

Also endowed with a tremendous resistance to stress and overwhelming vitality, the Aquarius is an over-achiever, and individual destined for greatness. Although a loving and compassionate individual who is friendly in general, an Aquarius hates it when their freedom to act is inhibited. Highly affectionate and understanding individuals, they will never refuse a plea for help or a request from a friend in need. Instead, they will take it upon themselves to offer support whenever someone needs it, even more so with close and intimate people.

Speaking of that, an Aquarius will generally prefer a trustworthy and like-minded partner with whom to share their joys and griefs, but would despise them at the same time if their wishes were not respected. While a good thing in general, this propensity towards sharing and communication could also bring about unpleasant situations.

Not everyone appreciates their cool and snappy ideas, and some may find them weird and odd at a first glance. Aquarius-Gemini natives are especially interested in what life can teach them, and they use every opportunity at their disposal to satisfy that craving for knowledge.

Aquarius – decan influence on personality

It is for this reason that most of the time; a second decan Aquarius will find themselves at home when surrounded by books, articles, newspapers and basically any form of literature. Although always in a constant search for more chances to better themselves and to find out more about the world, these natives will probably give up at once if obstacles were to appear. Hedonists through and through, Aquarians of the second decan will always tend to flee from stressful and dangerous situations. In their book, personal enjoyment and happiness will always win over the sense of hard-earned accomplishment.

Decan Zodiac Sign

Strict commitments and one-way road mentalities are not desirable, and they will often try to get away from such things in order to regain their freedom. One of the most enjoyable and likeable trait of a second decan Aquarius is the child-like behavior, that never-ending enthusiasm and vitality that makes them a must at any social event. Aquarius Decan 3: February 10 th — 18 th The spark that Venus instills into an Aquarius of the third decan revolves around social relationships and interactions.

They could even befriend and calm Hulk, if given enough time.

third decan aquarius compatibility Third decan aquarius compatibility
third decan aquarius compatibility Third decan aquarius compatibility
third decan aquarius compatibility Third decan aquarius compatibility
third decan aquarius compatibility Third decan aquarius compatibility
third decan aquarius compatibility Third decan aquarius compatibility
third decan aquarius compatibility Third decan aquarius compatibility

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