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Instead, you operate on a twenty to one basis. What this means is if somebody is kind to you slightly, you are twenty times kinder to them. You just have that way with people. You tend to transform them and help them live up to their fullest potential, as far as their emotions are concerned.

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Those with a birthday on March 18 would do best in jobs that involve nurturing, care, and patients. Jobs like, nursing, and certain types of medical services would fit you like a glove. You might also want to try to become some sort of habitual action councilor.

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You have a tremendous talent. Unfortunately, many people born on March 18, tend to lack focus. Unfortunately, there is nobody else to blame but themselves. A little bit of focus and drive goes a long way. If you are born on March 18, you have an inborn sense of idealism regarding matters of emotion.

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  • You really hold yourself to a high ideal and this is reflected in how you treat people. You treat people with the utmost respect. You make them feel good. It is no surprise that a lot of them reciprocate this. In fact, you tend to develop a very loyal following, because you make people feel good, not just about themselves, but the world they live in. People born on March 18 have a natural talent for bringing out the best in people. When you come along, you open their eyes to another possibility that there are great people out there. There are people who are willing to help without expecting anything in return.

    To say that you are rare, would be an understatement indeed. Still, if there is only one of you for every one thousand people, this world would be a much better place. In fact, for the most part, you are the best thing that happened to your friends and romantic partners. Your negative traits involve you. Do yourself a favor, and take care of basic things first. Water is the paired element of all Pisces people. You have a way of nurturing people with emotional water. You give them a drive.

    You are able to excite them when they are feeling down and depressed. As a Pisces born on March 18, Neptune is your ruler and this is incredible good news and incredibly bad news. First, the good news. You are able to project a nurturing and cultivating aura that makes people feel hopeful and optimistic about themselves and the world. You are your own worst critique. You'd hate to be blind sided by the consequences.

    Just because you decide to go your own way doesn't mean that anything goes. Firmly set your boundaries about what's fun and what's not. If you need privacy, find ways of taking care of business where others can't watch you work. If you have a vision that you'd like to share, you'll have many chances to trot it out today. Just don't expect everyone to see what you see.

    March 18 Birthday Horoscope — Zodiac Sign Personality

    The world is a strange and unpredictable place at the moment, and your own unique streak is sparking to life and wants to come out and play with the others. The only trouble is, your unconventional ways are almost entirely unconscious.


    Today you'll feel too shy to show off, but you should take this as an opportunity to embrace your inner weirdo. It's okay to be different, you know. In fact, it's a wonderful thing, because that's what makes you who you are. If you're feeling uninspired today and you just don't know how to proceed on a project or problem, ask your colleagues for brainstorming help. Of course, you've always been more of a self-starter than a team player.

    Maybe you're better off tapping into your own internal stores of wisdom, and seeing what you come up with. You're sure to find something good there, and you'll have the satisfaction of knowing you did it all on your own.

    Today’s Horoscope – Daily Astrology – Birthday Horoscope

    You're attuned to the world at a deeper level now than usual. Subtle vibrations are working their way into your psyche, and you're able to understand who needs what at any given moment. This gives you a real edge now, so take advantage and accomplish something meaningful. This could be in the realm of work, your love life or your relationships with friends.

    In any of these areas, trust in the universe to bring you inspiration and illumination. Preoccupation with your own project claims precious energy as you ignore other, more important situations and people. Maybe you're over-thinking something.

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    Take a break in the real world for a while. Instead of being stuck inside your own confusing head, do what you do best -- talk to people and gather ideas. This kind of thing gives you energy rather than draining what reserves you already have, so take advantage. It'll clear your head.

    You've reached a lovely state of calm within yourself. But that doesn't mean it's time to kick back and relax into oblivion today. You can put this soft, nurturing energy to wonderful use now. Your first goal now should be to work on restoring the peace in any connection or situation that needs it. Be sure to make any and all demands gently.

    Other people may not be feeling as centered as you are. You might even still be earning their trust. Your wicked streak emerges today. Sometimes, being bad just feels so good! You may be in the mood to get a little naughty with your sweetheart, or to get really creative at the office and break all the rules on a project you're working on. Well, as long as you're having fun Just don't create too much havoc. Any messes you make will just have to be cleaned up, and that could turn this fine, saucy mood into something much more frustrating.

    Have you been rubbing someone the wrong way?

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    • You think you're being sensitive, but they would probably tell a different story. The truth is, you could stand a little softening up. Focus on your own issues for a while, instead of offering 'constructive criticism' to someone else. You've got your own problems to take care of, and you aren't perfect -- not yet, anyway. Remember, you're only human, and so are the other people in your life.

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      You're giving both sides of an issue equal time. Some people in your life may think you're waffling, but the truth is, you're happy to be so middle-of-the-road. It gives you time to figure things out, and leaves room for your own views to shift. Just don't take too long to make your decision. If you start to feel excessive worry, take it as a sign that it's time to choose a path and stick to it. Right now you're oozing personal appeal, and if you play this right, your charm will overwhelm that special someone.

      Only, maybe this time you should make it less about secrecy or sleight of hand, and more about vulnerability and heartfelt sentiment. That way, it will be easier to reveal yourself and your agenda gradually while respecting the other person's feelings, wishes and boundaries. Take it slow, and see if your instincts are steering you straight. Focusing on the details of a project seems even harder now than usual. To a stranger's eye, you might seem secretive or sly.

      today 18 march birthday horoscope capricorn Today 18 march birthday horoscope capricorn
      today 18 march birthday horoscope capricorn Today 18 march birthday horoscope capricorn
      today 18 march birthday horoscope capricorn Today 18 march birthday horoscope capricorn
      today 18 march birthday horoscope capricorn Today 18 march birthday horoscope capricorn
      today 18 march birthday horoscope capricorn Today 18 march birthday horoscope capricorn
      today 18 march birthday horoscope capricorn Today 18 march birthday horoscope capricorn

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