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Astro Sandeep Vashisht Delhi. Astrologer Chitra Singh Jee. This interview is a part of our on-going summer series gearing up for our day Wellness Alchemist happening this September. Click on link above for more info. Yoga has certainly been accepted into mainstream pop culture with everyone from Lady Gaga to Madonna swearing by it's ancient practices to super model Christy Turlington writing a book about it.

But, have you ever looked a little deeper into yoga's roots to see that while it seems as though females are dominating the classroom - most of the "yoga masters" we look to for guidance or as guru's are men. Modern day yogini and author of "Happy, Healthy, Sexy Life" Katie Silcox explores some of the ways "the feminine" has been missing not only from the yoga classroom, but also from todays society, and also shares some tips in how to reclaim what is naturally our birthright.

In this podacst she addresses what all yoga professionals should know about eating disorders, as statistics show that there is a good chance there is someone in every yoga class that has an eating disorder, is recovering from an eating disorder or has body image challenges. Red flags to look for in a yoga class from someone suffering from an eating disorder and how to handle.

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What elements of a yoga practice are helpful and what are not. Yoga and body image - Has the commercialization of yoga done more to hurt or help sufferers of eating disorders? A healthy combination?

What does Chelsea's program, Yoga for Eating Disorders look like and how is it different from what is being currently offered in treatment centers? How can you get involved? Ellen Tadd For over thirty years Ellen Tadd has taught, lectured and counseled on the actualization of spiritual potential in everyday life. Shortly after completing her freshman year of college Ellen had a remarkable experience in which she was able to contact my deceased mother. Her presence and message healed Ellen's childhood trauma of denying her clairvoyant and clairaudient gifts and transformed her view of the world.

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Very soon after this awakening Ellen began to have contact with guides from spiritual realms and discovered that she could serve as an intermediary between the material and spiritual worlds. This was the education she had been seeking. Ellen's guides have provided her with an extraordinary education. Ellen was taught new ways to perceive and how to read the subtlety of thoughts and the flow of emotion between people.

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Eventually she was given practical tools and techniques for integrating spiritual awareness into daily living. After years of being a top producing Sales Executive she discovered the world of coaching in and never looked back. She loves lighting up the stage at events where she wakes people up to the voice of their Inner Wisdom and helps them cultivate the courage to act on it.

In this podacst she addresses specific questions from parents that she has received while out in the field doing her work. She will focus on: What are the causes of eating disorders ED? What are red flags to look for if you are suspicious your child is suffering from an ED? How do you approach your child and confront them if you think they have an ED? What is the best way to support your child and yourself while your child is in treatment for an ED?

How do you create a healthy and preventative enviornment in your home around food and body image? Chelsea Roff is a nationally-recognized author, speaker and yoga instructor. She is an internationally-recognised therapist and seminar facilitator and the author of three full training manuals. Her intuitive knowledge of how to work with subtle energies was nurtured by her grandmother and great grandmother, the latter being an extraordinarily gifted energy worker from the Canary Islands renowned for treating a wide range of difficult ailments.

Based on this family lineage of skills and gifts, and enhanced through extensive research and practical application over 25 years as an energy therapist, Melaney has created the ITA Energy Medicine system and her related courses that dive deeply into new territory in understanding energy and spiritual science. After working with thousands of clients, Melaney has decoded the process of how the systems of energy integrate and how to best work with them to restore our natural state of balance and alignment with our true selves.

Pam Grout Pam Grout is a world traveler, a loving mother, a best-selling Hay House author and an inspiring witness to everyone she meets. Learn to go deeper and listen to the stories your body needs to tell you. Are you a secret eater? Are you gaining weight and got yourself convinced you have no idea why?

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In reality, many of us are simply in denial about what we eat and lie about what and how much we are actually stuffing into our mouths.. Does this apply to you? We will be talking about all this and more. The person who has it all? The person who has done it all? The person who has gone further There is no such person. Of course not. But try going to the mall and believing that. Each practice is a tool Veterans can use to cope with Post Traumatic Stress, and together, they form a comprehensive system—a toolbox—that will carry Veterans into a life of strength and resilience.

Chris Grosso will be interviewing spiritual icon Ram Dass, discussing his message, which began in the early 70's with his game changing book Be Here Now. They also chat about how to find and honor our own individual paths, suffering as grace and how in the end, it truly is all just grist for the mill. Ram Dass: Ram Dass first went to India in He was still Dr.

Richard Alpert, an already eminent Harvard psychologist and psychedelic pioneer with Dr. Timothy Leary. He continued his psychedelic research until that fateful Eastern trip in , when he traveled to India. Maharaj-ji gave Ram Dass his name, which means "servant of God. As the Founder and CEO of SheNOW, she has touched and changed the lives of thousands of women, both locally and internationally, as she looks to strengthen them emotionally, financially, mentally and individually through her programs, writings and teachings. She has also been a guest host on several radio shows, a guest blogger on a variety of women focused websites, a consultant for start up companies in differing fields, and she is the author of a forthcoming book.

sukhdev goswami astrologer Sukhdev goswami astrologer
sukhdev goswami astrologer Sukhdev goswami astrologer
sukhdev goswami astrologer Sukhdev goswami astrologer
sukhdev goswami astrologer Sukhdev goswami astrologer
sukhdev goswami astrologer Sukhdev goswami astrologer

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