March 11 virgo astrology

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Full moons are all about release, so cry those tears, Virgo! You do so much for others, Virgo, but how much attention are you giving to yourself?

The Sun is currently in Pisces, shining down on the relationship sector of your chart and bringing your focus to your partnerships; however, this full moon is in your sign, shining its light on you. What do you need? A climax will take place in your relationships, especially concerning time management and self-care.

Virgo Horoscope

Astrologers have long accused you of being a control freak, but I know the truth about you, little virgin: You truly want to help as many people as possible while managing your own shit effectively—which means doing things in a way that works for you. Luckily, Venus and Jupiter will share some good vibes on this day, and on March 2, your planetary ruler Mercury will also connect with Jupiter.

This bodes well for smoothing over any misunderstandings and for helping you connect with the people you want to partner with romantically or otherwise! An especially easygoing day for you to watch out for this month is March 4, when your ruling planet Mercury meets with Venus. The vibe will be gentle, people will be in the mood to socialize.

Virgo and Pisces Love Compatibility

The Sun will also meet dreamy Neptune on this day, making for a lazy yet imaginative atmosphere. Learn to let go, Virgo! The energy shifts on March 6, when both Mercury and love-and-money planet Venus enter Aries. This is a powerful time to go deeper in your relationships on a physical and emotional level. Sex, emotional intimacy, and shared resources continue to be a big theme as Aries season begins on March 20—which is another big day you will want to circle on your calendar. Your ruling planet Mercury will meet Venus again on this day, making this another exciting time to connect with others.

Expect to learn some secrets or to share a transformative experience with someone. Daylight savings begins on March 11, which will find Mercury squaring off with Saturn. You can expect stress around communication will arrive, though you will feel intensely focused, which could prove helpful. Finally, the Sun connects with Pluto, offering a creative transformation in your partnerships—plenty of ups and downs today, Virgo!

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Pisces is a deeply emotional sign. You, conversely, sit with your deep thoughts and emotions at the beach, using the opposable thumbs Pisces lacks to organize seashells into sections and piles that help you work through your problems: This pile is how upset going to work and having to sit next to Karen makes me, but this pile shows how happy I am when I get my check.

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A full moon arrives in your sign this month, Virgo.

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march 11 virgo astrology March 11 virgo astrology
march 11 virgo astrology March 11 virgo astrology
march 11 virgo astrology March 11 virgo astrology
march 11 virgo astrology March 11 virgo astrology
march 11 virgo astrology March 11 virgo astrology

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