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In fact, your sun sign alone barely scratches the surface of what astrology can really do. In an attempt to bring together all aspects of astrology into one cohesive system I embarked on a three-year research project resulting in Primal Astrology. In this astrological system you can discover far, far more about your path in life than was previously possible.

Animal spirits, past lives, karmic balancing, and subconscious profiling all have a role along with forecasting the future and finding compatibility in Primal Astrology. I suggest starting by finding your Animal Spirit among the Primal Zodiac signs. Enjoy this page?

Please pay it forward. You were born with an animal spirit that guides your instinctive nature. Get a free Animal Spirit report instantly — no account or credit card needed! How this unique astrology system can help you find happiness, peace, and your purpose in life.

Your Animal Spirit represents your true instinctive nature. Find out how it all began and find your free Animal Spirit profile today. Privacy Policy for PrimalAstrology.

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This talent allows these lovers to live a very opulent lifestyle, without seeming to do a bit of work. As far as friendship is concerned, the Snakes are well suited. Both share an interest in the arts, and may enjoy going to concerts, plays, and movies together. Often, they will work together without exchanging a word, because they are so psychically attuned.

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As far as sex is concerned, a pair of Snakes find pure bliss. The two never tire of making love, and often trade roles to keep things interesting. Their bedroom may be a nest of tangled sheets, empty wine bottles, and burnt out candles. The Snake is subtle and secretive, whereas the Horse is brash and straightforward. The first likes to stay at home, the second wants to roam the world.

The Snake leads a life of leisure, while the Horse is a diligent worker. Can this couple form a romantic alliance? Yes, with a little work and a lot of faith. These two are extremely attracted to one another. Both are very insecure and recognize this quality in each other. By focusing on their respective strengths, their weaknesses will seem relatively minor. As friends, the Snake and Horse are distant but amicable. The Snake wants a pal who will stick close through good times and bad, but the Horse is too impatient to stay in one place for long.

If the Snake is willing to show the Horse the joys of being generous with money, the Horse will reciprocate by demonstrating the importance of working as a team. With regard to sex, the Snake and Horse make an interesting pair. In return, the Horse will lavish the Snake with thankful praise. The Snake has difficulty sticking to one lover, but so does the Horse. An open relationship may be the answer. The Snake and Goat make a fantastic romantic couple. Sultry and seductive, the Snake has a big fan in the Goat.

Although both have different interests -- the Snake is highly social and the Goat is quite private -- these two learn to balance their respective needs. The Goat has no problem with the Snake going off to a large party, so long as the Snake promises to discuss the event in detail when he or she glides back home.


These two are highly intellectual, and enjoy swapping observations on the human condition. As friends, the Snake and Goat are very well suited.

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The Snake loves to kick back and relax, and the Goat is eager to create a relaxing environment for their pal. Neither one of them will nag the other to work harder. The Snake can find ingenious ways for the Goat to capitalize on their artistic talent with little fuss. Sexually, this is an extremely good match. Both signs are very sensual, and will seek every opportunity to slip into bed together.

In fact, the Goat is one of the few partners to whom the Snake can commit their eternal devotion. At first glance, the Snake and Monkey seem like a good match. Both are extremely clever creatures that like to examine questions from every angle. These two also share an affinity for parties. In addition, they love to hear good stories as much as telling them.

While these similarities form a promising foundation for a romance, there are some very real differences with which to contend. For instance, the Snake needs plenty of quiet time to rest and relax, whereas the Monkey craves a constant hive of activity.

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In addition, the Snake is extremely possessive, which may not sit well with the free-spirited Monkey. If these two are willing to enact compromises for the sake of their relationship, this union could last. It will, however, involve constant work. When it comes to making friends, the Snake and Monkey fare better. These two love to jabber about everything from books to movies to politics. For the most part, however, these pals get along great. Sexually, the Snake and Monkey have lots of fun.

Not only are they both quite athletic in bed, but they also like laughing while making love. The Snake can be quite possessive toward the Monkey, which can create problems, since the Snake is the far more flirtatious of the two! If the Snake learns to play fair, the Monkey will reciprocate with lots of kisses, cuddles, and hugs. For more love insight, toss the coins with a Love I Ching Reading , and start improving your love life now.

Highly social, yet equally domestic, the Snake and Rooster form a satisfying bond. Still, these two adore being together and will work hard to keep each other happy. As friends, the Snake and Rooster form a fast bond. Both signs are very secretive, and sense that they can confide in one another. When the two collaborate on a project, Snakes will find support for the endeavor through their extensive social network, and the Rooster will devise practical ways to do the work in record time.

With regard to sex, the Snake and Rooster have some work to do. The uninhibited Snake needs to teach the Rooster to loosen up. As far as the Rooster is concerned, however, the Snake merits close monitoring. In many ways, the Snake and Dog are a union of opposites.

The easygoing Snake has faith that all will turn out well in the end, whereas the pessimistic Dog is convinced that everything will fall apart. The sociable Snake loves meeting new people, while the brooding Dog prefers the company of a few old friends. When the Snake sees the world as being comprised of shades of gray, the Dog looks at matters in terms of black and white.

Despite these differences, however, the Snake and Dog make a loving couple. One of the reasons these two get along is their basic respect for one another. The Snake and Dog are likely to begin as friends.

sagittarius dragon primal astrology Sagittarius dragon primal astrology
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