February 19 horoscope aquarius or aquarius

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Any changes this week turn you into your true self. Your own sign is so powerful. Instead of waiting for a green light, give yourself the go-ahead and start a work or love overhaul. It is such a strong well-being week for you when you take control of so many aspects of your life and make forward-facing changes. Healthy lifestyle switches are easier than ever before. You can also make more career moves that work.

Creative energy radiates from you, as a moon of challenging choices boosts risk-taking. This makes you a hot love prospect as you follow your own path. Stay serene and calm at home and full moon magic will be so good for you. In fact, you will channel it into mega-positive proactive plans. Ways to turn knowledge into cash are at your fingertips, so celebrate what you know and how you could use it soon. The key to making close bonds closer is honesty not excuses, so clear away any grey areas and look ahead together. Sign in. All Football.

Mystic Meg. You can achieve so much more when you just let yourself believe. Your anticipation of the festive day will be far too greater than what actually transpires. Still, you will be able to enjoy the day with family and friends.

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A celebratory mood prevails today. An invitation to a gathering will bring a welcome change for some. You may remain happily engaged with friends and relations. A new product introduced in the market is likely to sell like hot cakes.

The Aquarius Personality and Influences

Work on the domestic front can hinder enjoyment, so delegate it to lighten your burden. Some of you are likely to remain professionally engaged during this festive day. Someone may play spoilsport at work and ruin the day for you. Meeting near and dear ones and having a fun time will be the highlight of the festive day. You will be able to spend money on gifts and gain goodwill of those around.

You are likely to be suffused with extra energy, thanks to this festive day. Money poses no problems and will prompt you to become lavish in your spending. On the one hand, it greatly influences your energy levels. It makes you full of life, spontaneous and unusually forward-thinking. Yet it also makes you rather changeable.

Aquarius: Keys To Understanding The Aquarius Personality

There is no way of knowing when you will turn around and be at your worst. This is when you leave many stumped or emotionally hamstrung. Those who know you are aware of just how hypersensitive you are, but they are entirely oblivious as to why. A lot of time could be squandered brooding over innocuous statements. It's not so much the statement that pricks you, but your judgment of people. At the same time, your heart is in the right place and your motives are pure. A Born Leader. You're a rational thinker and logically devise solutions to life's impediments. You're blessed with sharp intuitiveness, self-confidence, and innate leadership skills, which are qualities that will help you go along way in life.

You naturally exert a commanding influence on others, and you will always find people who look up to you, even in social circles. You're exhaustive and methodical in your research. While this may be an asset, it can also be a detrimental. Aquarian women have a knack for finding fault. Your reasoning is undisputed and you're always well prepared for unexpected debates or arguments.

You also have a highly sensitive and humanitarian side to your personality. You're benevolence personified, and you fearlessly stand up for what is right. Your heart is soft, provided you are convinced of the other person's motives. And good research will always win you over!

You may experience momentary bouts of lonesomeness, or the feeling that you are not being backed up. This is because you give a lot more than you receive, which creates a deep-seated void and the sense that you are being taken for granted. The only way to plug this is to tactfully voice your opinion rather than lounge around hoping the other person will understand.

Although you're a bundle of contradictions, your core is beautifully tender, compassionate and adoring, qualities that truly define who you are. Try and monitor your temper and thoughts , however, and allow room for others to be themselves.

Few are as courageous and spirited as you, and you need to respect that, Aquarius. Though Uranus makes you lively and energetic, don't allow it to disrupt your balanced and happy way of life. An Aquarian child has a unique temperament, sometimes complex but certainly extraordinary. This child is curious but at the same self-willed and they will challenge you at every opportunity. You will need to be particularly shrewd in raising them and may feel at times that a degree in psychology would be a very handy thing to have ready for those difficult moments when they arrive.

They need delicate handling by their parents as getting them to do something on your terms can become a monumental problem. You may eventually learn that to get something done, you are the one who will do most of the compromising to fit in with their unusual way of seeing and doing things.

If an Aquarian child digs their heels in you may never get the task done at all and this is where your psychological skills will come into play.


Daily horoscope for Sunday November 10 — here’s what the stars have in store for you today

They are sensitive and intuitive and on the surface may appear to be outwardly calm, relaxed and delightful but in a moment they can rebel against commands and rules. The young Aquarian can often look more confident than they actually are so parental understanding and genuine encouragement are needed. Like any child Aquarius needs love, especially in the form of respect, listening, appreciation and friendship. They are adventurous and being eccentric and explosive they are likely to have their fair share of thrills and spills with the associated bumps and scratches that go along with this.

It is a wise parent who keeps an eye on where they are and who they are with. Although they tend to have a large circle of friends they may find it difficult to establish a close relationship. They tend to be detached and dispassionate and don't like too many emotional demands being placed upon them. They are inventive and like to get to the bottom of how things work.

Toys such as electronic sets, laboratory games, and brain-teasing puzzles are all excellent choices for them. Unusual and novel games and will keep them occupied and help them develop their inquisitive minds. As they grow older, their minds will also develop at an amazing speed so you need to continually offer them challenges. You may find that they don't quite fit into the average suburban school and in this case, you may need to consider what alternatives are available to give them the best chance of developing their skills.

You're constantly restless, seeking innovation and an element of excitement in all that surrounds you. This tendency becomes your defining trait in relationships. You like to test the waters and have many relationships over a long period of time. It's almost like a litmus test to rule out the wrong partners before settling down with someone you love.

However, your compassionate self soon comes to the fore, preventing you from toying with relationships for too long.

Aquarius Daily Horoscope

Your preliminary romantic engagements all pave the way towards a committed love that endures and blossoms beautifully. My benchmark for a real love affair is my Aunt Mary, an Aquarian who is blissfully savouring the joys of her nearly sixty years of marriage. Regrettably, many make generalisations about their lack of commitment and hunger for adventure, and they deem them less credible or dependable as prospective romantic partners.

However, this is definitely untrue. Your fifth zone of love affairs is ruled by the child-like , lively and occasionally superficial Gemini and Mercury.

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