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Once enveloped in her consuming oceanic embrace, you may never want to leave — merging with her as one again and again. The lovers of these ladies often come away marked by her crab claws, though she never meant to hurt you. It is her source of comfort and rejuvenation, and it is where she goes to ground her spirit and replenish herself on a soul-level. In search of a quiet place where she can rest and be nourished by beauty and good food, this lady does better away from busy streets or noisy neighbors, and ideally lives near a large body of water.

They feel supported and held by the rush of the tides and the salty air — and being able to swim often in the sea is a gift for them. They could float for hours, reunited with their primal ocean mother. They are often attracted to hand-built homes made from stucco or clay, with custom rounded curves that resemble living within the whorls of a sea-shell. Touch is important to help both mother and baby bond, and a Cancer mama will keep her child swaddled close to her body in a sling or baby carrier often into toddler-hood.

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Originally posted by just-another-original. Cancer, cancer, cancer! Cancer is the first water sign, represented by the Crab and ruled by the Moon. This already brings about interesting connotations associated with the complex Cancer personality. Because they have so much going on internally, they need that barrier against the world in order to function.

They can sometimes rub people off the wrong way or give an incorrect idea of who they are. I know quite a few and a common trait I found is that they all have a sense of humour. But most of the people with their sun in Cancer that I know have been funny and sociable, generally likable people. Cancer is probably the most sociable of the water signs. Maybe because they are so good at projecting a certain image, its easier for them to socialise with others than a Scorpio or Pisces. They are either nurturing to others or feel the need to be nurtured. The relationship with their mother is incredibly important to all Cancers, so the dynamic of it is something that they carry with them in their adult life.

If it is the opposite and their mother is someone who was neglecting or immature, a Cancer person can be really independent and nurturing to others as they know how it feels to be ignored. They are sensitive to the world and people around them; Cancers can see through your bullshit and make deep emotional connections. At the end of the day, it depends on what side of the spectrum this Cancer is on and the other signs in their chart. They can either inspire you or suck the life out of you.

Follow for personal, in-depth interpretations on astrology signs. Some of the sweetest, smartest, funniest, wisest, silliest, most caring, most loving, most beautiful people in my opinion. Cancer is the sign which is ruled the Moon, and their reality is shaded by their emotions. They are soft and cranky and easily hurt. They require a lover who will support them with lots of security and comfort; somebody who will understand their internal feelings of fear and their longings to save the world. They have a strong need to care, and more than anything they require a partner who can give and also take.

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The Sun represents conscious experience, the Moon, subconscious. The way we are able to see this half of life occurring in the darkness is through the reflected light of the Sun.

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  • The respite from the bright light of day is welcomed in the night of Cancer, despite the fears that often inhabit this world. Both the Sun and the Moon are needed to bring this into actuality, and human well-being requires its existence. Shadows and strange creatures loom in the night and Cancer knows them well. Here we have a holding close to the self and protecting as this photo of Tasha Tudor illustrates.

    The werewolf

    Perhaps the darkness is what moves us to embrace and shield in this zodiacal sign. The natural clustering together, staying close and warm when the night descends. The necessity of human touch. The Moon is unschooled instinctive response. When a person takes in sense impressions the feeling is Cancer before it is picked up by Mercury for translation and reaction.

    So the Moon governs how each individual responds to life. The Sun in Cancer is the combination of these two great forces. The light of the Sun illuminates the subconscious and this is what these people characterize. They express the feeling nature for all to identify with. Cancers will enter a room, for example, and feel a million sensations which will be revealed in their faces, their body language, and their timidity and caution as they proceed.

    They see in the shadows and feels every shift in the air. No wonder they need time in retreat, away from the endless sensory input. But with the Sun placement there is often a confidence within this feeling world, and an ability to handle the sensitivity. They know what to do. When to hide, when to emerge. When others are milking them excessively, and when the tenderness is really being appreciated and used.

    The Moon in Cancer is extremely immersed in the feeling response and they are often beset with fears, sorrows, premonitions both real and unreal, and insecurities. Brooding is common. But they have the ability to experience untainted happiness like no one else. There is a constant flux of moods and the Moon in Cancer gives in to all of them.

    An understanding of, and an ease with, what it is to be human. The Moon here is especially in need of retreat and the hurt feelings that often disturb others around them are simply the only way they know to find solace and time to themselves. The hurts guide them well. The symbol of the crab is appropriate in the way Cancers can move in any direction suddenly helping them cope with their acute sensitivity to stimuli.

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    They are often encouraged to be tougher, but why should they be? They are told not to take things so pesonally, but I have my doubts as to whether this can really be achieved.

    They get over it in time. One fallacy about Cancers is their dependency. While this is often apparent, it is not a rule. Grant Lewi says it well:. The defensive, protective instincts dominate Cancer, whose life aims at security. Capable of great self-sufficiency or of being a clinging vine, the Cancer branch will take the turn as indicated by the roots, which must always be in secure soil. If independence serves security, cancers will be independent; if security depends on another, cancer will cling. I think the greatest attribute of this sign is the gift of intimacy.

    When someone gets one of my full Cancer hugs, they never forget it. We enfold people completely, absorb them, and all boundaries are momentarily gone. Of course, at 5 feet tall, they have to be short to get the full effect. Originally posted by mizworldofrandom. Originally posted by needforcolorbis. Originally posted by colidirei. Have you ever been in a relationship with an Aquarius? There would definitely be some pros! Cancers will feel unappreciated and unloved if you pick and choose when to support them with their problems.

    We will recede, become cold and shut you out. The interesting thing about if and how you regain that trust is that it depends on how much we were emotionally invested into you. If it was a shallow relationship, we tend to recede into ourselves and let it live after a while, but we never forget. Some of us may forgive if you put out extra effort to reconnect with us because you understand that you messed up, but this may take time and patience. Her unselfish nature has most assuredly got her in trouble in a prior relationship too.

    There are those who would take advantage of her deep kindness and need to nurture. She will, therefore, need a continual reminder of your loyalty and trustworthiness as her past may haunt her heart in a way that makes her emotionally nervous and fearful of intense intimacy.

    Cancer Woman - Zodiac Traits & Personality In Love, Compatibility & Life!

    It is in the most private moments where she prefers to express her most compassionate nature. She is an affectionate lover who prefers intimate exchanges versus the good old romp in the hay. She considers her environment her most sacred and protected space. Remember the Crab is her icon. So, the home serves as her shell, her retreat, and she is more than happy to spend a lot of time in the home where she is free to let down her guard without fear of her vulnerable nature being exploited. She loves to do things in the home environment too.

    It is in the home where she can socialize safely with all her friends.

    Cancer Woman: Personality Traits, Love & More

    Once she gets involved with someone on a romantic level, her love of this comfy home environment only serves to multiply. A nostalgic soul for sure, her home environment will have photos of her family and little mementos from her past that continually bring a smile to her face. The sign of Cancer has rulership over the stomach and breasts, both of which are symbols of the nurturing nature of those born under this Sun sign. This sign also rules digestive processes, so the people that are born under it are prone to issues with weight gain if they do not monitor their diet closely.

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